Three Things That Go Very Wrong With Not Aligning Your Wheels Regularly And How They Are Fixed

Wheel alignment problems are just the first sign of something really bad happening to your vehicle. If ignored, much more serious damage can occur to your vehicle. Here are just a few of those really not fun things that can happen to your vehicle if you do not correct and align your wheels regularly. Wheels Come off Going Down the Road Wheels are secured via a series of bolts. When your wheels are not aligned, this puts intense pressure and wear and tear on these bolts. [Read More]

How Hail Can Damage Your Car And Options For Repairs

Hail does a lot of damage to cars. The ragged balls of ice can chip windshields, crack glass, and dent metal when they plummet to the ground. Be sure to examine your car after a hail event to look for small dents and damage to paint. Small dents can be difficult to see if the light isn't shining on them just right, so give your car a close look and have repairs done if you find any damage. [Read More]

Handling An Accident And Getting The Auto Body Repairs You Need

Car accidents are scary and can cause serious injuries and trauma. Aside from this, you'll also run the risk of having to pay a huge amount of money just to get your car back in working condition. If your car needs some serious body work following an accident, it's a matter of documenting the accident and finding a high-quality auto body repair shop. To make sure your repairs are handled soundly, consider the following. [Read More]

3 Crucial Facts You Need to Know about RV Collision Repair after an Accident

Given the high cost and value of most recreational vehicles, the damage to an RV after an accident can be both overwhelming and expensive. It is important to note that RV collision repair often requires specific and varied skills that the average body repair specialist does not always have. Therefore, asking the following questions prior to repairing your RV is a good idea. #1-Where Will the Replacement Parts Be Sourced from? [Read More]